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The Story That Started it all

As a child, both Shawn and Renae learned nothing about nutrition, portion control, nor did they have any boundaries when it came to food. For Shawn, many breakfasts consisted of chocolate cake or some other desserts, and Renae would have cereal if anything. Every evening it was 3 scoops of ice cream for Shawn and Renae would not eat often due to the stereotypical mindset that women shouldn’t eat. In Shawn’s case, he was doomed to follow in the footsteps of his parents So, he tried sports. Unfortunately, Shawn could not excel due to poor nutrition and being out of shape, but childhood sports at least kept him away from childhood obesity. Instead, he would be “chunky”, “husky”, or “big-boned”  throughout his childhood and teen years. In Renae’s case, under-eating kept her young fast metabolism burning off any body fat.  

As a young adult, Shawn continued struggling with his eating habits as they seemed to have matured into a full-blown eating disorder. Shawn became a binge eater; boxes of cereal, boxes of hostess snacks, full large containers of ice cream, and cookie dough. Once in college, Shawn began studying culinary arts, which put him in close proximity to the things he loved most, food. In Renne’s early adult years, she continued to undereat since it served her so well during her high school year.  

The harsh realizations Shawn was dealing with led him to begin researching another way to live. He became interested in fitness as he knew this was at least part of the puzzle. Shawn learned quickly that you can not out-train poor nutrition, but fitness was a great outlet for stress so he stayed the course and kept researching. A few years later Shawn would become interested in nutrition as a muscle-building tool. Thankfully, the path to building muscle is similar to eating healthy. As for Renae, she would continue to undereat until her late college years where she began to notice a weight gain. This weight gain brought her to the realization that something was wrong, so she began to find interest in health and wellness while searching for the root cause of her weight gain.   

Then one day in 2014, Shawn was scouted by an online coaching service that was looking to expand its roster of coaches. Shawn was mentored by the owner/creator who was extremely well known in the Chicagoland area for not only his level of fitness but his abilities with his clients. Throughout Shawn’s training for this business, he learned how to manage his own eating and nutrition. Things changed quickly for Shawn that year, he advanced quickly and built self-confidence so he decided to compete in a men’s physique competition. Renae would begin online schooling in health and wellness which brought her a tremendous amount of insight into her own health. After a few years of Renae applying her knowledge from her schooling, she would easily correct her weight issues. Shortly after this, Shawn and Renae would meet and begin a relationship, then later marrying. 

Shawn would compete for a few years, but after each competition, he would yo-yo back up to his original weight or heavier.  Renae always stayed healthy and her weight never fluctuated because she didn’t let herself get out of control after losing the weight in her past. This frustrated Shawn because he did not understand why he couldn’t control his eating after an extreme weight loss regimen just like so many other clients. So, back to the drawing board, Renae and Shawn went. Both would quickly find an explanation for the weight gain that often happens after a substantial weight loss. The human body’s physiology causes hormones (Leptin & Gherlin) to become unbalanced, causing the brain to think it is falsely in starvation. In turn, we eat ourselves back to our previous weight, such as Shawn did time and time again. With both of these hormones quite literally working against us, how can we avoid obesity successfully? 

With zero supplements or meds to directly deal with these damaging hormones, it comes down to knowledge and willpower. The mind is always going to be stronger than the body! With positive psychological principles as our weapons, it is possible to overcome these hormones.   Research says, in 6 to 12 months the human body will reach new homeostasis (new balance.) Hormones only then will adjust to your new body weight and work for you, not against you.  

This is where Shawn and Renae live, in their new bodies with hormones that have adjusted to their new body weight. Both Shawn and Renae enjoy all kinds of foods these days but we make sure 99% of our nutrition is healthy. We also make sure we eat enough meals throughout the day to keep our bodies fueled and far from starvation, where the body would then store all of our calories rather than burn them as energy.   We give ourselves a cheat meal weekly so that we can still enjoy those foods we all long for but in moderation, in order to maintain our healthy weight. These unhealthy foods we once loved now show us very quickly that they aren’t good for our bodies, causing an array of side effects like a warning siren of impending doom. Signs of heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, and many other life-threatening food-related illnesses we want to avoid. We can’t afford to go back to those unhealthy eating habits or we will die a premature death.    

After Shawn and Renae shared their experiences with each other, they decided to help others with the valuable knowledge they possessed. With the experience and information both have accumulated throughout their lives,  they have been coaching clients since 2014 and hope to do so for many years to come.

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